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The 100 Up

After reading many studies most of the science says there are basically two types of runners.

Heel strikers and Fore foot strikers.

Heel strikers land on their heels first and induce a very minor ‘braking effect’ into their speed, in doing so they inflict a tremendous impact onto the body. Fore foot strikers tend to land on the sides or balls of their feet, eliminating the ‘braking effect’ causing less impact.

Subsequently, Fore foot strikers tend to run faster as well.

One of the better articles I have read came from Daniel E. Lieberman, a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard (The Perfect Landing), his website is listed in the “Links” section.

I noticed how much of a heel striker I was when I first wore my five fingers out for a walk.

Am I doomed to be slow and clunky? Maybe.

I then discovered the article written by W. G. George the fastest miler of the 19th century. The 100 Up is a technique to fix, or discover, the proper form for running by practicing how our foot strikes the ground and in doing so allows us to strengthen our feet and balance.

I have started to work this into my regular workout routine, I figure it can only benefit my flat arches, pronation and attempt to eventually run barefoot….or it will cripple me permanently.

Meh…..its for science.


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