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Random Thought

After discovering the 100 up technique I of course had to add it to my training…

I’m going to take it very slowly, as I am with the vibram five finger shoes, I’m in no hurry to discover new injuries. I am starting simple with a month of the Minor exercise concentrating on balance and technique.

The first thing I have noticed is how I automatically land on the ball of my foot, the second thing I’ve notice is my feet want to instantly roll inwards due to pronation. I will have to see if the exercises allow my feet and arches to strengthen and combat the pronation. If so, it will allow the transition to the barefoot to be much easier.

I’m also wearing the vibram five fingers around the house as slippers and concentrating on walking on the balls of my feet…… I feel like a 210 pound ballerina.

I’m going to try to run the second half of tomorrows 5km on the balls of my feet, of course I’m still in my Nike Lunar Glide 2’s, the five finger testing will be awhile yet.



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