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Todays Run


Today it was cloudy, dry and WAY too warm for my gloves…I wore them anyway.

I ran the Granville Island 5km Loop today.

Today’s list of excuses:

1. I prefer to run first hing in the morning, however today I had to wait for a delivery of a new washer/dryer between 9am-noon. As we all know, it was closer to noon.

2. I prefer to run on an empty stomach, but because I was late (see #1) I decided to eat some toast and peanut butter.

3. I ate peanut butter. Stupid. I got to enjoy it for the entire run as I regurgitated it every step.

4. I prefer to drink coffee after I run, but because I was late(see #1), I had my full allotment of coffee, which helped dehydrate me.

5. My feet were sore and tired from bunion correction testing procedures.

Ok, on to the event.

I tried my very best to focus on technique today, although I again didn’t feel like running (see excuses above). Thanks to the extreme concentration on form, it allowed me to not think about the actual running. I made sure I was getting my knees up, as in the 100 Up technique, I find if I get my knees up it ensures I will land on the balls of my feet. Lifting your knees on every step not only takes concentration, but I feel it took a lot of extra energy as well. I exaggerated my forward lean to make sure I was coming down on my forefoot, and I desperately tried to get into a rhythmic pace.

I’m sure there was something deep inside of me attempting to run faster today, I am not a big fan of running for time, I really just want to concentrate on running better. However, I felt a little quick out of the gate for the first kilometer and tried to force myself to settle in.

Once I felt I was in a good pace, I looked at my watch (1.68km), I tried to keep this pace until I started feeling a little fatigued (3.15km), then focused on bringing it home, knees up, head forward, continued pace.

My body fought me the entire time.

Here’s the Data:

Kilometer        Time          Avg.Pace

1                    4:11          4’11″/km

2                    8:34         4’23″/km

3                   13:01        4’27″/km

4                  17:39         4’38″/km

5                  22:15         4’36″/km


NOTE: 22:15 is a new personal best, however its ONLY because I ran way too fast the first kilometer.



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